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Indiana, USA

Colton was born in August 2015 and lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. He received his diagnosis in November of 2016. He had numerous feeding problems and extremely low muscle tone. Colton had a feeding tube until February of 2018 and therefore never used a bottle. At age 3, he was about a year developmentally delayed. He has been tested for autism and has numerous markers, but no official diagnosis due to his love of being held and snuggled. Based on his current behaviors, he will likely be officially diagnosed with ADHD. Colton also has severe sensory tactile disorder, severe OCD, self soothing problems, and severe night terrors. We had long battles of constant emergency room visits because of his challenges. Additionally, he had eye surgery due to nystagmus esotopia. Colton really really loves music. He loves playing with his older sister and his absolute favorite is Mickey Mouse clubhouse!

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